Intercultural Communication and Collaboration Appraisal

Order Paper & Pencil ICCA™ Components

In order to use or administer the ICCA™ in a paper and pencil format, you need to order the following components.

ICCA Faciliator's Manual
The ICCA™ Facilitator's Manual

The ICCA™ Facilitator's Manual is an invaluable tool for trainers, coaches, educators, researchers, and for anyone who is using the ICCA™. This manual provides practical guidelines for administering the ICCA™, a summary of research that supports the model and theory of ICCA™, and suggestions for interpreting the report results in an effective coaching or training session.

Purchasing the ICCA™ Facilitator's Manual gives you a good understanding what ICCA™ is all about and permits you to order other ICCA™ components. The cost for the Manual is USD 60.00 (or approx. GBP 38.00 / EUR 45.00), incl. VAT.

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Paperback: 86 pages | Publisher: Createspace (6 Feb 2012) | Language: English | ISBN-13: 978-1470023348
ICCA Evaluation Program

ICCA Competency Cards
The ICCA™ Evaluation Program and ICCA™ Competency Cards

The ICCA™ Evaluation Program is a piece of software which enable the facilitator to capture the data from the completed questionnaire and the card sorting exercises. Its in-built expert system generates the report for the participant containing all results in a graphical profile.

The ICCA™ Competency Cards consist of two separate sets of 48 Competency Q Items and 12 Competency Dimensions. They are used for the card sorting exercises and are in addition to the questionnaire as contained in the ICCA™ Participant's Workbook.

The ICCA™ Evaluation Program requires an installed version of Excel(R) 2010. The cost for a licence for one user on one computer is GBP 250.00 (or approx. USD 400.00 / EUR 300.00), plus VAT.

The Competency Cards are distributed together with the ICCA™ Evaluation Program as a pdf document; you can print them on micro-perforated business card paper (or also on normal carton paper) for any number of participants  you need.

All products are now only offered as software download only; prices are shown in GBP.

ICCA™ End User Licence Agreement (last changed: 09 Apr 2013)

This Licence Agreement ("Agreement") is an agreement between You and Messner Consulting & Training Pvt. Ltd. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before downloading the ICCA™ Evaluation Program and ICCA™ Competency Cards ("Product") as they contain important information about your rights and obligations; it governs your use of the Product. The Product is licenced, not sold, to You for use only under the terms of this Agreement, unless a Product is accompanied by a separate licence agreement, in which case the terms of that separate licence agreement will govern, subject to Your prior acceptance of that separate licence agreement. Messner Consulting & Training Pvt. Ltd. as the licensor ("Application Provider") reserves all rights not expressly granted to You. The Product that is subject to this licence is referred to in this licence as "Licenced Application".

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[b] Restrictions on Use of ICCA™ Facilitator's Handbook and ICCA™ Participant's Workbook. You shall not copy, digitize, or otherwise duplicate the ICCA™ Facilitator's Handbook and/or ICCA™ Participant's Workbook. You need to acquire your personal copies in the appropriate number and via the sales channels as outlined on

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[d] Consent to Use of Data. You agree that Application Provider collects and uses technical data and related information about Your computer and system for issuing the licence key. Application Provider may also collect data about ICCA™ reports produced by You and may use this information for, but not limited to, academic research and building benchmarks, as long as it is in a form that does not personally identify You.

[e] Termination. The licence is effective until expired or terminated by You or Application Provider. Your rights under this licence will terminate automatically without notice from the Application Provider if You fail to comply with any term(s) of this licence. Upon termination of the licence, You shall cease all use of the Licenced Application, and destroy all copies, physical or digital, full or partial, of the Licensed Application.

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[j] Governing Law. This Agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordinace with Indian law. Any disputes or claims relating to this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Bangalore or Mysore and in English language.

Please read the above ICCA™ End user Licence Agreement carefully. By ordering the Product, downloading the Product, or using the Product or parts thereof, You are consenting to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree to all of the terms of this Agreement, do not order, do not download, or use the Product or parts thereof.

The cost for a licence for one user on one computer is GBP 250.00 (or approx. USD 400.00 / EUR 300.00), plus Indian service tax at 12.36%, if applicable.

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ICCA Participant's Workbook
The ICCA™ Participant's Workbook

The ICCA™ Participant's Workbook provides participants with the items and instructions for completing the ICCA™.

You need to purchase one new ICCA™ Participant's Workbook for each and every participant; purchasing a Workbook is the licence to administer ICCA™ to one participant. Photocopying or re-using workbooks is a breach of the licence agreement and a copyright infringement. The cost for each Workbook is USD 18.00 (or approx. GBP 11.50 / EUR 13.50), incl. VAT.

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Paperback: 54 pages | Publisher: Createspace (6 Feb 2012) | Language: English | ISBN-13: 978-1470023379

(Please remember to order one workbook for each participant!)