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Dr. Wolfgang Messner is available for keynote presentations at corporate events and conferences around the world. He knows that sitting through a boring speech is utterly painful - so he keeps things a little edgy and full of examples to craft presentations that are educational, motivating, and - last but not least - entertaining. His presentations are never off-the-shelf, but always updated, customized, and adapted to the needs of the conference organizer or the corporate.

He also delivers masterclasses and executive education on business cases and investment decisions.

You may also contact the author for corrections in the book (errata) and suggestions for inclusion of new case studies and other content.

Dr. Wolfgang Messner
Darla Moore School of Business

University of South Carolina
1014 Greene Street
Columbia, SC - 29208, USA
Skype: wolfgangmessner
Phone: +1 803 873 4678 7665

Email is always the best option to contact Dr. Messner; please use his cell phone only as a backup in an emergency.

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